Buchinger Fast in Charente-Maritime from February 24 to March 2, 2024

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THEME : Sugar detox.

The fasting stay we offer offers a week-long wellness fasting experience (for healthy people) based on the method developed by Dr. Otto Buchinger. This approach combines water fasting (consumption of only liquids) with complementary medical and therapeutic measures to promote detoxification, regeneration and revitalization of the body.

During a week-long Buchinger fast, participants abstain from consuming solid foods and focus on ingesting liquids such as water, herbal teas, vegetable broths, and fruit juices. This food restriction allows the digestive system to rest, allowing the body to rid itself of toxins and stimulate natural healing processes.

We offer you a calm and relaxing environment, allowing participants to withdraw from daily stress and focus on their well-being. In addition to strict fasting, our Buchinger stays include complementary activities to support the fasting process and promote general well-being. This can include gentle exercises like yoga or walking, relaxation sessions, massages, group discussions on topics related to nutrition, health etc.



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7 nuits du 24 février au 2 mars 2024,

In Charente-Maritime (exact location and information to come, for more information contact us!)

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