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Titre Faites une pause !

GoWild is the meeting of several passions: fasting, nutrition, well-being and solidarity.


Our wellness proposals

dessin jeune buchinger

Option 1: Buchinger fasting stay

Awaken your body, free your mind and regenerate your health with the Buchinger Fast. Discover its benefits, an ancestral method to revitalize your body, clarify your mind and find an optimal inner balance.

cure de jus go wild

Option 2: Juice detox stay/mono diet

Offrez à votre corps une pause revitalisante avec un séjour detox au jus /mono diète, pour une détoxification profonde et un regain d’énergie éclatant.

Assiette végétale Go Wild

Option 3: Vegetarian/vegan cooking class

Discover the benefits of a plant-based diet, let the natural flavors nourish you and feel the pure energy that radiates from within.

Included when booking

Femme médidation/yoga

Body awakening, soft gym, yoga

Take a beneficial break, cultivate inner serenity and discover the benefits of yoga during our inspiring workshops


Massage sur demande

Relax deeply and let yourself be pampered with soothing massages, a revitalizing experience to pamper yourself.

contact go wild

Personalized tracking

GoWild offers you personalized follow-up by telephone. Do you want to change your diet, but don't know where to start? We are there for that. 

jeune randonnée

Randonnée douce

Partez à la découverte de paysages magnifiques qui composent les régions françaises lors de randonnées douces. Prenez le temps de vous ressourcer. 

iridologie go wild

Séance d'iridologie sur demande

Get to know iridology, this practice gives indications on the state of well-being of the individual at a specific moment.

l'équipe gowild

Thematic workshops / External speakers

Enjoy meetings, debates, films, thematic workshops during our stays.

sejour book


After dedicating 15 years of my life to humanitarian work in the field, I made the decision to return to France and change careers to devote myself to my second passion: fasting. However, I could not completely detach myself from my first passion. This is how I founded GO WILD, a social enterprise which, in addition to allowing me to pursue my passion for fasting, is also committed to donating 10% of its profits to a humanitarian project.

In “GO WILD” there is the notion of letting go, of returning to the primitive state, to the wild state. Because we are genetically programmed to fast; our ancestors fasted between two hunts until the next prey. Our body fat, which we sometimes hate, are nevertheless the sign of this capacity for survival, of this predisposition to lack. We are more prepared to miss than to overconsume.

Why us ?

Because we humbly believe that hospitality is an art and that after years in the Middle East and Africa, we are nourished by this warm sense of hospitality from here and elsewhere. We are bilingual French-English and offer sessions only in English. 

Do you have questions?

Discover our section dedicated to frequently asked questions to answer all your questions about fasting.

Our latest reviews

I had an unforgettable, rejuvenating and relaxing stay.Je came to take a break from my rushed life or I never take (enough) time for me. Ie came away re-boosted full of good intentions and new resolutions to take care of myself and my health.Thank you Lucie!


I feel super proud of myself. I who never miss a meal, I did not feel capable of fasting for 6 days. Thanks to the support of Lucie who was able to encourage me with great kindness; I felt safe throughout the stay and I am leaving with a new little something that will be the beginning, I hope of a new path.


I fast every year to cleanse my skin and do a detox.Je am never disappointed during my cures but I found at GoWild a small something extra. The accompaniment was super complete without being too insistent, benevolent without being mothering. Ilearned a lot about diet and my relationship to food.One thing is sure, I'll be back next year!


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